How To Make A Simple Balloon Garland

There are a bunch of different ways you can put together a balloon garland.  I tried the balloon tape version and it was super easy! You use this plastic strip called balloon tape and surprisingly, it is not sticky at all.

Supplies For A Balloon Garland

  • Balloon Pump – this made filling up the balloons so super speedy.

How To Make A Neon Sign Using EL Wire

I’m not kidding ya’ll. This was one of the most simple projects I’ve done.  I made a couple of these neon signs in just a few hours. 

Now keep in mind these are not true neon signs.  That is above my DIY pay grade haha.…

How To Make A Graduation Card Holder From Old Text Books

Have you ever seen a hardcover book with a secret compartment? I took it a step farther to hollow out several stacked books and create a graduation card box for an upcoming graduation party.

The most time consuming part of this project was the cutting the pages out.…

When To Cut Peonies And How To Store Them

Every Spring around Mother’s Day, we have a few peony plants around the yard that bloom into these beautiful soft pillowy flowers. 

They are absolutely gorgeous and I love cutting them and bringing them in to display around the house.  Did you know that there’s a trick to keep these beautiful flowers around for weeks longer than normal?…

DIY Giant Marquee Letters And Numbers

I made a smaller version of these marque letters for a birthday party a few years ago.  This is an affordable way to make oversized marquee letters and numbers for your next party.

They are perfect for milestone birthday parties, graduation parties, theme parties, so many options.…