How To Make A Moscow Mule

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Make these refreshing Moscow Mules with just a few simple ingredients.  Make sure to chill both your ginger beer and vodka for at least a few hours so your drinks are extra crisp.  These are perfect to enjoy on a warm Spring or Summer evening, or afternoon we’re not judging.

Ingredients For 1 Moscow Mule
– 2 oz (1/4 cup) vodka
– 1 tbsp fresh lime juice (about half of a lime)
– 4 oz ginger beer (1/2 cup)
– ice

Click on the image for a printable recipe card.

how to make a moscow mule

Copper mugs are not required to enjoy a good Moscow Mule, but Moscow Mules are traditionally served in copper mugs. We picked up a set a long time ago similar to this set of two, but I also really like the look of these hammered copper mugs. Gather your ingredients together and get mixing.

how to make a moscow mule

Slice and squeeze half a lime for about 1 tbsp of lime juice.  I really suggest only using fresh lime juice.  It makes a big difference.  This citrus juicer makes it super easy to juice the limes.

Next, add the lime juice to your mug (or glass).

Add 2 oz or (1/4 cup) of Vodka to the mug.

Add 4 oz (or 1/2 cup) of ginger beer to your mug.

Stir.  Fill mug with about a cup of ice.  We added a little more ginger beer to top it off.


how to make a moscow mule

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