Our Vermont Cabin

The Story Of Our Vermont Cabin

Would you ever put a binding offer on a house without seeing it first? Without stepping foot in the door? We did just that in 2020 we purchased a little cabin near a ski resort in Vermont. The process of buying a home is crazy enough, but in 2020 in Vermont you were only allowed to see the inside of a home if you had an actual offer on the property. …

Replacing Medicine Cabinet With Shelves

How To Convert Your Medicine Cabinet To Built-In Shelves

We have been slowly updating the bathrooms at the cabin this winter. A major overhaul renovation is not in the budget right now so we are trying to make small budget-friendly updates that make a big impact on the room. 

When it came time to replace the medicine cabinets, I could not find one that i really liked.…

How To Paint Wood Paneling

How To Paint Your Wood Paneling The Easy Way

I am in love with all of the pine wood paneling at the cabin, but there was a lot of it. Pine on the ceiling, pine paneling below the chair rail and an entire wall of pine paneling along staircase. We wanted to do something to highlight the beautiful ceiling and elongate the walls.…

How To Caulk

How To Caulk Your Bathroom In 5 Easy Steps

This past weekend we noticed that the caulk in the cabin bathroom was pulling away from the sink and bathtub.  This can quickly lead to problems if water can easily sneak into those seems. The good news is you can easily replace this on your own and not only give the sink or tub a cleaner look, but also prevent leaks and damage in the future.…

How To Make A Photo Look Like A Painting

How to Turn A Photo Into A Painting

We kept searching for a nice painting to hang in the main room at the cabin. Nothing was perfect. We had a photo taken with a cell phone of the boys on the ski lift that I desperately wanted to use, but wanted it to look like a nice painting not just a photograph.…