How To Add A Window Privacy Film

We have a window in our master bathroom at the cabin. It’s great because it lets in beautiful natural light, it is not so great when you’re located within eyeshot of your neighbors and the janky curtains flap open while I’m sitting on the toilet.  We wanted a simple solution that allowed the natural light to come in, but also allowed us to not have to worry about taping the curtains to the wall. …

How To Install New Doorknobs

Step By Step Instructions On How To Easily Install New Interior Doorknobs Or Handles

Switching out your doorknobs for new ones is a super simple update your can do yourself! We found these doorknobs online at Home Depot and I love the matte black color and the rectangle backplates help hide if the new knobs are a slightly different size.…

Simple Dresser Update

How To Line A Dresser Drawer With Removable Wallpaper

We lined these dresser drawers with decorative removable wallpaper for a super easy update to a thrifted dresser. You can find removable wallpaper in a million different places online in all different patterns.  Keep in mind that it is a lot easier to work with patterns that you can roll out the wallpaper horizontally. 

How To Propagate A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Propagating Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Scrolling through Pinterest and interior design blogs you will undoubtedly see countless beautiful fiddle leaf ficus trees.  Learn how to easily propagate your fiddle leaf fig tree to create new gorgeous plants for your home or to give as gifts .  Small cuttings can create a beautiful, full trees.…

Planting An Indoor Succulent Garden

How To Plant A Succulent Garden

I love the look of a succulent garden arrangement using various types of succulents.  I picked up these supplies at our local Walmart the other day and put together the arrangement in less than half and hour.  Choose a few different varieties to fill the garden with different colors, shapes and textures.…