How To Propagate A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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Propagating Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Scrolling through Pinterest and interior design blogs you will undoubtedly see countless beautiful fiddle leaf ficus trees.  Learn how to easily propagate your fiddle leaf fig tree to create new gorgeous plants for your home or to give as gifts .  Small cuttings can create a beautiful, full trees.

Fiddle leaf figs in general can be a little finicky but given the proper care, they can thrive at home.  They prefer bright, filtered light and instead of watering them on a schedule check the soil every few days to see if the top inch is dry.  They prefer moist conditions, but will start dropping leaves if the roots and sitting in water and not drying out in between waterings.

How to propagate fiddle leaf fig

Use a pair of pruning shears to clip off a small section of one of the stems leaving a few leaves on the cutting. Make sure you have at least 6 inches or so of stem below the leaves.  Cut the bottom at an angle and remove all but 2-3 leaves from the cutting.

Place the cutting in a clear glass vase or jar filled with water.  Place the jar in a bright spot in your house but out of direct sunlight.  Change out the water with fresh water when it starts to look cloudy and be patient. It can take a couple weeks for roots to appear.

Once your roots have grown your cutting is ready to pot. Make sure you have a pot with drainage holes at the bottom.  You don’t want the roots of these plants to sit in standing water.

Fill the bottom of your pot with a couple inches of soil.  Place your new fiddle leaf plant roots in the soil and fill the rest of the pot up with your soil.

how to propagate your fiddle leaf ficus tree

Thoroughly soak the new plant with fresh water.  Remember to let the pot drain out the bottom and remove any standing water if you have a tray sitting underneath the pot.

how to propagate a fiddle leaf ficus

Find a bright spot out of direct sunlight for your new little fiddle leaf ficus.

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