Planting An Indoor Succulent Garden

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How To Plant A Succulent Garden

I love the look of a succulent garden arrangement using various types of succulents.  I picked up these supplies at our local Walmart the other day and put together the arrangement in less than half and hour.  Choose a few different varieties to fill the garden with different colors, shapes and textures.

indoor succulent garden

You can also order your succulents online.  Crazy right?! I ordered a bunch from Amazon a few weeks ago and they are still doing great. Cover you work area or head outside.  Try to figure out where you will put each of the succulents in the arrangement while they are still in their individual pots. Jot down where you want each to go or take a picture so you’ll remember where you had them.  Add succulent soil mix to the bottom of the planter.

One at a time, take the succulent out of it’s container, break up the roots slightly to remove some of the dirt and place it in the new planter.

planting succulent garden

Add additional succulent soil around the new plantings.

succulent garden

Once you’re placed all of your succulents, soak the soil with water.  Allow the soil to dry completely before rewatering.


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