DIY Cocktail Kit Gift

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Gift Idea – A Simple DIY Cocktail Kit

We have a super simple gift idea for an upcoming birthday, hostess gift, holiday gift or basically anytime gift. Put together a DIY make your own cocktail gift basket. Include all the mixers and fresh ingredients they’ll need to make the drink and include a recipe card with instructions. You could use the recipient’s favorite drink or find a recipe for a craft cocktail that is in season.

We of course always get the supplies for us too, especially if it’s a new cocktail and we want to test it out before we recommend it. I mean that’s what friends are for right? If you’re looking for another great gift idea, check out these free printable “From your nutty neighbors” gift tags and homemade spiced pecans recipe.

For this basket we chose the classic Moscow mule.

We picked up all of the supplies at Target, well minus the Titos of course 😉

Choosing A Container

We used this metal storage crate from Target, but their are tons of different options.  Try the Dollar Store or the Dollar Spot section at Target for more budget friendly ideas.

Drink Kit Filler

Depending on the container you chose, you might want some sort of filler to protect any glass bottles, lift the items a little higher in the container, add texture or color.  You could use tissue paperflour sack kitchen towels  or even individually wrapped candy, totally up to you. We used a couple flour sack towels to line the bottom and the sides of the container.  Add a finishing touch like a ribbon, bakers twine or jute twine. We have a roll of the jute twine that we use for all sorts of craft projects.


We chose to include the copper mugs because they go hand in hand with this drink recipe.  Depending on the recipe you choose you might want to include a fun swizzle stick, cocktail umbrellas or some fun drink napkins. Totally up to you.  We found these copper Moscow Mule mugs for only $5 each in the Dollar Spot section of Target. They have a lot of fun barware accessories right now.  You can find similar ones online at Target and Amazon.

Mixers & Ingredients

Make sure to include all the ingredients especially ones that they might not have at home.  We included our favorite ginger beer, limes. and of course the liquor.  Again, have in mind how many drinks you are providing the supplies to make.  If the recipe requires certain ingredients like specific spices you could always pre measure and include in little individually labeled condiment cups.

Include A Recipe Card

Whether it’s a handwritten recipe or one you print out and include, having the recipe handy when they create their drink will be super helpful. If you’re putting together the DIY Moscow mule kit you can print out the custom recipe card here

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