You’ve Been Flocked Yard Signs

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You’ve Been Flocked Flamingos And Yard Signs

We recently flocked my brother-in-law’s yard with our DIY birthday yard signs, a bunch of fun plastic lawn flamingos and these fun DIY speech bubble signs.  We have some fun free PDF signs that you can easily print on your home printer to create these hilarious speech bubble signs to use while flocking someone’s yard. You can use them with or without the flamingos, but the flamingos really seal the deal. So let’s start making these simple You’ve Been Flocked Speech Bubble Signs.

Supplies For You’ve Been Flocked Flamingo Speech Bubble Yard Signs

  • White card stock. 65lb or 80lb although some home printers have trouble printing on 80lb
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Landscaping staples – can also be found in home improvement store or garden center.  We used 6″ landscaping staples and one landscape staple per yard sign.
  • Corrugated plastic (not necessary) – We had some left over from the DIY Yard Signs. We used this to attach the landscape staples to the signs.  You could attach the landscape staple directly to the sign with hot glue.
  • These flamingos from the Dollar Tree pair well with these speech bubble signs 🙂

You've Been Flocked Signs

Print Off Your You’ve Been Flocked Signs

Click on the image of the PDF you would like to print and it will open in another tab.  We suggest printing them on card stock so they stand straight when placed in the yard.  You could back printer paper with cardboard if you don’t have card stock on hand. Or you can print out the blank template and create your own custom signs.

you've been flocked sign thumbnail of She’s how old? thumbnail of He’s how old? thumbnail of What the flock sign thumbnail of Dont make me put my foot downthumbnail of READY TO FLAMINGLEthumbnail of He’s old karenthumbnail of she’s old karenthumbnail of Holy Flock She’s Oldyou've been flockedthumbnail of you sure we got the right housethumbnail of template 2thumbnail of blank template

Attach Stands To Your Signs

To attach the landscape staples to the back of the signs, we cut a 1/2″ wide strip of corrugated plastic perpendicular to the lines on the plastic.  The strip of plastic should be slightly smaller than the width of the sign to run across most of the bottom of the sign.

Hot glue the strip to the back bottom of the sign.  Then insert the landscape staple through the holes on the corrugated plastic.

If you’re not using the corrugated plastic, hot glue the curved side of the landscape staple to the bottom back of the sign. Attach at least an inch of the staple to the back of the sign.

Carefully hold the rounded side of the landscape staple and press the signs into the ground of your birthday boy or girl’s yard.

We placed the flamingos out first, then added their signs.

You've Been Flocked

DIY Birthday Yard Signs You've Been Flocked

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