Streamer Ideas – Ruffled Streamers

Streamer Ideas For Party – How To Make Ruffled Streamers

Are you looking for fun streamer ideas for an upcoming party? Dress up these ordinary crepe paper streamers for your upcoming shindig by ruffling them! Dust off your sewing machine and grab a few rolls of streamers to create these DIY ruffled party streamers. You can use two or three different rolls of different colored streamers to create this look.

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Sewing Machine Settings For Ruffled Streamers

To easily have the sewing machine ruffle the streamers for you, you will turn up your machine’s tension to the highest or second to highest setting and increase your stitch length to the longest setting .

Turn the tension on your sewing machine to a high setting. My machine goes up to 9.  I set it at 8.

Increase your stitch length to the longest setting.

Start Ruffling The Streamers

Unravel the three rolls of streamers a few feet and stack the first 5 inches of the streamers so that they are in a neat pile.  I kept the streamers attached to the rolls while sewing since the ruffled streamers produce a shorter finished product.

Center the stack of streamers under the foot of the needle to sew a line directly down the center.

Make sure you double stitch at the beginning so the stitches don’t come undone.

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Continue to unravel some of the three rolls of streamers lining up the section you’re about to work on then sew that section.  Then unravel some more of the different layers, line them up and continue sewing again.

You can always do several shorter sections of the ruffled streamers.  Just make sure to end with a few backstitches to keep the stitches from popping out and unraveling your streamers.

Fluff The Streamers For This Streamer Idea

Once you’re done, carefully go through and pull the layers apart to show all of the different layers.  Get creative with different color combinations.

how to make ruffled streamers

These ruffled streamers are a super simple DIY party decoration for your next celebration.

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streamer ideas for parties

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised. This was easier than it sounded as I am not much of a sewing person. I did one streamer with just two layers and it turned out nicely too.


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