Graduation Card Box

How To Make A Graduation Card Holder From Old Text Books

Have you ever seen a hardcover book with a secret compartment? I took it a step farther to hollow out several stacked books and create a graduation card box for an upcoming graduation party.

The most time consuming part of this project was the cutting the pages out.…

How To Make Oversized Marquee Letters

DIY Giant Marquee Letters And Numbers

I made a smaller version of these DIY marque letters for a birthday party a few years ago.  This is an affordable way to make oversized marquee letters and numbers for your next party.

They are perfect for milestone birthday parties, graduation parties, theme parties, so many options.…

Graduation Decorations Using Thrifted Books

Use Thrifted Textbooks As Graduation Decorations

If you have a high school senior, you might be in the midst of planning a gradation party! We have a super simple graduation decoration idea that won’t break the bank, that’s what tuition is for. HA!  Head on over to your local thrift store, used book store, yard sales, you get the idea, and look for old textbooks in your party’s colors.…

Graduation Party Tassel Decoration

How To Make Graduation Tassels For Your Party Decor

If you are planning a graduation party, these graduation tassels are a super easy, affordable and adorable addition to your party. 

You can make these way in advance and have them all ready to put on the day of the party.  You only need a few supplies to put these adorable little graduation tassels together. …

Streamer Ideas – Ruffled Streamers

Streamer Ideas For Party – How To Make Ruffled Streamers

Are you looking for fun streamer decoration ideas for an upcoming party? Dress up these ordinary crepe paper streamers for your upcoming shindig by ruffling them! Dust off your sewing machine and grab a few rolls of streamers to create these DIY ruffled party streamers.…