Graduation Decorations Using Thrifted Books

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Use Thrifted Textbooks As Graduation Decorations

If you have a high school senior, you might be in the midst of planning a gradation party! We have a super simple graduation decoration idea that won’t break the bank, that’s what tuition is for. HA!  Head on over to your local thrift store, used book store, yard sales, you get the idea, and look for old textbooks in your party’s colors.

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graduation decorations use old textbooks

Using books in any decor project whether it be for an event or just around the house, is a great way to add texture, color and height to a table, mantle, etc.

Tips For Searching For Books For Party Decor

  1. Only use hardback books.
  2. If there’s sign of mildewing or mold, I would pass on those.  You don’t want to knowingly carry that into your home.
  3. If you want actual text books, the used book store might be your easiest option.  If you’re just looking for coordinating colors, any thrift store should work.  We have a used book store near us that offers store credit for books you bring in. We had stacks and stacks of old kids’ books that I turned in and used some of this credit toward the books for the party decor.
  4. If the book has a cover jacket on it, remove it to see what the spine looks like without it.
  5. You can use some books facing with the pages toward you if you don’t like the look of the spine but like the size, color of the book.
  6. If you’re stacking the books, make sure that the books coordinate in similar size and look.  If some pages are aged on one book, but newer and brighter white on another, this might stand out too much.

graduation party decorations vintage textbooks

Cleaning Thrifted Books For Party Decor

Some of the older books might need a little cleaning.  I used a magic eraser with a tiny amount of water on it to remove some of the visible dirt on the covers.

Keep some paper towels handy to wipe up the dirt and dry off any moisture. I wouldn’t try this on covers that are more like fabric. And sometimes the magic eraser can remove some of the color from the cover as well.  Try cleaning it in an inconspicuous area first.

Stack books on the table to raise different items higher off the table.  The varying heights will add depth and more interest to your overall tablescape.

graduation decorations

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