Graduation Party Tassel Decoration

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How To Make Graduation Tassels For Your Party Decor

If you are planning a graduation party, these graduation tassels are a super easy, affordable and adorable addition to your party. 

You can make these way in advance and have them all ready to put on the day of the party.  You only need a few supplies to put these adorable little graduation tassels together. 

They can be made in any size depending on what you’re using them for.  Using a larger piece of cardboard to wrap it around will make a longer tassel. And the more times you wrap it around your cardboard or gift card, the thicker the tassel will be.

Supplies You’ll Need For Graduation Tassel Decoration

We used these little tassels to hold packs of plaster silverware together.
plastic silverware
white paper napkins

I found this cotton yarn at Walmart. You could also use embroidery floss, but that would be a little more expensive to get the same size tassel.  You can use one single color on all the tassels or make some one solid color and others the other solid color or mix the two colors within the same tassel like I did.

Make The Graduation Tassel Template

Cut a piece of cardboard, foam core board or use a gift card that is approximately half an inch larger than you’ll want your tassels to be. The width of your cardboard or gift card doesn’t really matter.

graduation tassel party decor

If you’re doing a multi-color tassel then pull out the strands of your two colors of yarn and line them up together.

graduation tassels

Leave the ends hanging off the cardboard a little when you start wrapping so you know which end you started on.

Begin wrapping the yarn around the cardboard until you’ve reached your desired thickness. 

Keep in mind that one side will be half the thickness of your tassel.  Finish your wrapping on the same side you started.

how to make tassels

To make the little tassels I used on the wrapped silverware I wrapped it around about 6 times.

graduation party tassel

Tying Off The Graduation Tassel

Cut a piece of yarn double the length of your cardboard plus a few inches.  Fold the yarn in half and tie a knot in the middle to create a little loop.

TIP – If you’re using these for the wrapped silverware, I would create a very small loop so the tassels don’t hang down too far.  The loop in this picture is a little big for that.

The next few steps you’re going to have to find a sequence that works best for you.

You will need to cut the loops of your wrapped yarn on the same side as you started and finished the wrapping. 

Carefully slide your looped piece of yarn into the center of the section and secure it with a knot underneath the middle using the two long ends  of your looped piece of yard.

Cut another piece of yarn about a few inches longer than double your tassel. Wrap it around the tassel leaving a small section in between the top knot and where you’re tying.

Wrap it around a few times then secure it with a knot.  If you’re a perfectionist you could thread these ends back through and down the center of your tassel. I just made that the back of the tassel and moved on.  Ha.

Trim The Tassel

Trim the ends of your tassel with your scissors so they are all even.

how to make graduation tassels

And repeat! These little graduation tassels take only a few minutes to make and will look so adorable tied into your graduation party decor.

Add Tassels To Rolled Utensils

To tie them on to your utensils, turn your napkin so one corner is in the top center. 

Place your fork, knife and spoon near the one of the side corners and roll the napkin to the other side.  Cut a piece of yarn, add your tassel to the center and tie it with a bow in the back.

graduation party tassels


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