Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Halloween Costumes

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How To Dress Like Ferris Bueller And Sloane Peterson For Halloween

Whether you’re an 80s kid or an 80s kid at heart, these Ferris Bueller Halloween Costumes are sure to get some compliments this Halloween.  From the iconic 80s movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, we have found a few items that you can put together to create these fun Halloween looks.  As we have mentioned with a lot of our Halloween costume inspiration posts, we always suggest trying to find some of your costume pieces at your local thrift store.  You can save a bundle and find so many different options that might be otherwise difficult to find in stores or online.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Halloween Costume

For Ferris you’ll want to look for the following items….

  1. White T-shirt  – Any white crew neck T-shirt will do.
  2. Pleated Gray Pants – This would be a great item to try to find at the thrift store if you have the time.  Bonus points if they have pleats.  I think the ones that Ferris wore had a tiny faint pattern on them, but no one would ever remember that.
  3. Black Sunglasses  – Any plain black sunglasses.  I’m sure the Dollar Store probably even carries some too.
  4. Ferris Bueller Vest – Even more than the jacket, the vest is a pretty key item for the costume.  You could easily get away with a thrifted animal print sweater vest if you happen to find it at the thrift shop.
  5. Jacket and vest combo – If you want to splurge you can order the jacket and vest combination, but you’ll sill get the full effect without the jacket.

Shoes – Again, if you want to go for detail, I would look for a pair of dress shoes at the thrift store and you could always paint them white. But no one really remembers Ferris’ shoes.  Any sneakers, dress shoes or casual sneakers would work great.

Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend, Sloane Peterson

Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend, Sloane Peterson rocks this look throughout the movie.  Some of the pieces, like her jacket, might be a little too pricey or difficult to find, but you could easily DIY a thrifted jacket to create the same look.   Again take a screenshot of your inspiration or a print out a picture and head to your local thrift store.  You might be surprised how many of these items you can snag for a lot less than you’d pay in the retail stores or online.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Halloween Costume

  1. Blue tank top – Sloane wears a royal blue tank top over a white crew neck t-shirt.  Her tank is actually more of a v-neck, but look for the color and what looks good paired over a white shirt.  No one will remember if it’s supposed to be a scoop neck or V-neck etc.
  2. White crewneck t-shirt – Any white crew neck t-shirt will do.  You could do a long sleeved or short sleeved t-shirt.  Keep in mind where you’ll be wearing the costume.  You don’t want to cook with a long sleeved shirt under a jacket if you’ll be indoors.
  3. Long baggy shorts – These would also be a good item to look for at the thrift store.  The color of Sloane’s shorts appear to be a grayish green.  Again no one will remember the exact color.  Just look for a gray color with a longer hem, belt loops and bonus points if they have pleats.
  4. Skinny leather belt – I would bet you could snag one of these at the thrift store as well.  Look for a thin leather or faux leather belt in a dark color.  I believe Sloane wore a black belt but brown would work too.
  5. Fringed White jacket – This is probably the most important part of Sloane’s costume.  You could easily DIY a version of this jacket.  Look for a white jean jacket or faux leather jacket at a thrift store.  If it doesn’t have fringe you can find a similar colored item like a shirt or shorts from the thrift store or find matching fabric at the fabric store.  Cut similar width rectangles from the fabric and create strips of fringe by cutting small strips into the rectangle leaving a small portion of the strip uncut at the top.  Attach the strips of fringe to the sleeves, back and front of the jacket with hot glue, fabric glue or a sewing machine.
  6. Sloane Boots – We found these slouchy light colored boots that are very similar to the ones Sloane wore.  Keep in mind you can always spray paint a pair of thrifted boots a light gray or white to get the same look.

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Happy Halloween my friends!!






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