How To Make Giant Halloween Spider Webs

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DIY Halloween Spider Webs Using Beef Netting

These giant Halloween spider webs have been a favorite Halloween decoration at our house for years. You’ll never guess what they are made out of. Give up? It’s beef netting!

We will show you how to use beef netting to make giant Halloween spider webs that will look great in your yard or in your home. For more spooky ideas check out our Halloween Decor, Costume and Party DIYs.

What Supplies You’ll Need For Giant Halloween Spider Webs

  • Beef Netting – I ordered the beef netting years and years ago from Trenton Mills.  And unlike a lot of the other store bought spider webs, these spider webs last year after year after year.  We have had these webs for at least 5-7 years.
  • Scissors, box cutter or X-acto knife
  • Staple gun, landscape staples if decorating outside
  • Mini command strip hooks if you’re decorating inside

Cut The Beef Netting To Create The Spider Web Effect

To create the spider webs, unroll and cut your desired length of spider web.  The beef netting will still be in a tube shape and needs to be cut lengthwise to create a flat panel.

The easiest way to create the spider web effect on the beef netting is to hang the panel in place so it’s stretched tight then start cutting the holes.

Create small slits in the beef netting by cutting with your box cutter.  Start off small.  You can always go back and make the openings larger.

Because of where we were hanging the webs, this wasn’t an option for us.  We instead cut most of the holes in the netting prior to hanging it up, then added some extra ones once it was in place.

Don’t worry about making it look even or perfect with these.  All of the different rips, tears and different sized openings are what gives each spider web its unique and interesting look.

How To Make Giant Halloween Spider Webs

Hanging The Giant Spider Webs Outside

If you’re hanging the giant spider webs around your trees outside, we suggest using a staple gun to attach the web to the tree.

Make sure you roll a small section of the web then staple to prevent the material from tearing and not staying put.

How To Make Giant Halloween Spider Webs

We use small metal landscaping staples to secure the bottom of the webs.  These are available at the hardware store or online.

How To Make Giant Halloween Spider Webs
The landscape staples allow you to stretch the web out farther into the yard from the tree. This creates a much more dramatic effect.

Poke the landscape staple through the spider web.

Then push the staple into the ground.

How To Make Giant Halloween Spider Webs

Hanging Giant Spider Webs Inside

If you’re hanging them indoors, I suggest using these Command Decorating Clips to secure the beef netting webs to the walls and ceiling.

You can easily remove these mini decorating command clips from your walls or ceilings so you won’t damage your paint.

Inside or outside, these DIY Halloween spider webs using none other than beef netting, make a huge impact.

Once you’re ready to take down your spider web decorations make sure that they are completely dry before storing them.

How To Make Giant Halloween Spider Webs - DIY Halloween Decor

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Happy Halloween my friends!

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