Halloween Tree With Dollar Store Decorations

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How to Create a Halloween Tree With Dollar Store Decorations

We started the Halloween tree tradition a few years ago.  I found a black artificial Christmas tree online and decked it out with decorations we found at the Dollar Store.  From Halloween garland to glittered pumpkins, we were able to trim the tree without breaking the bank.

Wreath picks, ornaments, even plastic spiders all work great as decorations.

dollar store decorations halloween tree

Supplies For Halloween Tree

We found all of our supplies to decorate the tree at our local Dollar Tree, but we have seen adorable decorations at big box stores and craft stores.

  • Black Artificial Tree – We ordered our tree online, but you can find them in different sizes.  Ours is around 4 feet tall.
  • Witch Hat
  • Halloween Glitter Ornament Bulbs – You might want some black thread, thin ribbon, paper clips or extra Christmas ornament hangers to hang these from the tree because the precut string pieces that they come with are pretty short.
  • Halloween Garland
  • Pumpkin Picks
  • Glittery Plastic Spiders
  • Lights – Our tree is pre-lit so you might want to add some white or orange or black lights to the tree.
    If you’re having a teen or adult Halloween party you could swap out the decorations for something a little more spooky.

halloween tree dollar store decorations

Start to add your decorations to your tree. Don’t worry about it looking perfect, it’s supposed to look haphazard and fun.

You can also make your own ornaments to add to the tree.

Check out our DIY Halloween Glitter Ornaments tutorial.  You can find the wooden ornaments for that project at the dollar store or any craft store.  The kids had a blast with that DIY project last year.  They can customize the different ornaments with paint and glitter, then each of the ornaments is sealed to keep the glitter in tact.

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