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You’ve Been Booed Printable Instructions

One of my kids’ favorite things to do around Halloween is to “BOO” their friends.  As soon as it gets dark we sneak up to their friend’s front door with a bag of treats in hand.  The Booers ring the doorbell and leave the treats and note, then scurry away hoping not to be seen.  The note that they leave behind includes instructions on how to boo their friends.

Don’t forget about the adults! Check out our free you’ve been boozed printable to leave an unexpected Halloween treat for your adult friends.

you've been booed
Booing our neighbors and friends has become such a fun tradition in our neighborhood.  We’ve created a sign for you to use to “BOO” your buddies.  All you need to do is print out the sign and instruction sheet to include with your goodies.

Once you’ve been booed, you putt the “We’ve Been BOOed” sign on the front door or in their front window to show other potential BOOers that you’ve already been visited.

You can click on the images to open the PDF and print.

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you've been booed sign

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Happy Haunting my friends!!!


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