Dora The Explorer Halloween Costume

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Dora The Explorer Costume

For this DIY Dora the Explorer Halloween costume all y0u need is a couple of items.  We’ve found some pieces online to help with inspiration.We have always been fans of DIY Halloween costumes.

One of our favorite places to look when putting together a costume is our local thrift store.  You can find so many different things to build a great costume at a fraction of the cost of a store bought costume.

We found a few options to build a Dora the Explorer costume in girls’ sizes.

dora the explorer halloween costume

  1. Girls pink shirt
  2. Dora Toy Backpack
  3. Girls yellow socks and here 
  4. Orange shorts 

For Teens and Adults

We found some options for teens and ladies too! All you need to look for is a pink t-shirt, bonus points if it’s a henley, purple backpack, orange shorts, yellow socks and white shoes.

You can pick up some felt at a craft store and make some eyes, eyebrows and mouth to attach to the front of the backpack.  They sell adhesive felt at most craft stores (and usually Walmart too) that you can just peel off after Halloween.

Again, if you’re on a budget definitely start looking at the thrift store for some of your items like the shorts and pink shirt.

dora the explorer Halloween costume

  1. Purple Backpack
  2. Short Brunette Bob Wig
  3. Pink Short Sleeved Henley Shirt
  4. Orange Board Shorts
  5. Columbia Orange Shorts
  6. Orange Cargo Shorts 
  7. Yellow Socks
  8. White sneakers

If you are looking for a couples’ costume… your plus one could go as Diego! Make sure to check out some of our other DIY Halloween costumes on the blog like   Billie Eilish Halloween Costume , Ferris Bueller & Sloane Halloween Costumes , DIY Pretty Woman Costume, DIY Back to the Future Halloween Costumes.









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