Halloween Candle Holders

DIY Spooky Hand Halloween Candle Holders

I saw some fun spooky hand Halloween candle holders online and thought, hey I could totally make that!

I tried to deep dive the DIY and actually make the hands using plaster and rubber gloves. Ya’ll it was a big mess and it didn’t look good at all.…

Craft Pumpkin Halloween Display

Craft Pumpkin Halloween Display

Holy Halloween craft pumpkin project Batman! This turned out so well ya’ll!!! It’s one of the few Halloween decorations that I’ve done that looks just as good during the day as it does at night.

For more Halloween DIYs check out some of our other fun projects.…

DIY Halloween Village

How To Make A Halloween Village

Halloween decorations don’t have to break the bank.  I found these adorable wooden house cutouts at Dollar Tree and converted them into a DIY Halloween village in no time at all.

I chose to do them all one tone but different shades of black and gray would look great too. …

Bloody Halloween Cupcakes

How To Make Bloody Cupcakes For Halloween

Bloody Halloween cupcakes are a super easy Halloween party dessert.  You can create these spooky Halloween cupcakes with just a few ingredients.

You can make the cupcakes from scratch, from a box or just purchase pre-made cupcakes from the grocery store or bakery and add the Halloween “bloody” part yourself. …