DIY Halloween Village

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How To Make A Halloween Village

Halloween decorations don’t have to break the bank.  I found these adorable wooden house cutouts at Dollar Tree and converted them into a DIY Halloween village in no time at all.

I chose to do them all one tone but different shades of black and gray would look great too.  If you’re decorating for Halloween make sure to check out our other Halloween crafts, costumes and DIY projects.

halloween village

Painting Your Halloween Village Houses

Lay out a drop cloth or garbage bag to put your houses on while painting them.  You’ll want to be outside or in a well-ventilated room if you’re using spray paint.

You could also use acrylic paints if you want to work inside or don’t have spray paint.  I used a couple coats of this Krylong Fusion spray paint.

halloween village

Spray a thin layer on one side of each of the wooden houses.   And let it dry to touch. Add a second thin layer of spray paint.

Once the houses are completely dry flip them over to the non-painted side.

Add The Backing To Your Halloween Village

Place a piece of printer paper on top of the house and using an X-Acto knife cut out around the edge of the house. Make sure that all of the windows and doors are covered with white paper.

Use a glue gun, glue sticks or craft glue to glue the white paper onto the back of the wooden house.

Light Up The DIY Halloween Village Houses

To illuminate the windows in your DIY Halloween village, place a flameless candle behind the house and lean the house against the candle.

diy halloween village

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