Halloween Skull Planter Decoration

DIY Dollar Store Skeleton Planters

These skeleton succulent planters were seriously the easiest DIY Halloween decoration I’ve done so far. I found these Halloween skulls at the Dollar Tree. I added some hair raising succulents I picked up from Home Depot for a fun Halloween decoration for your mantle, bookshelf, table, anywhere.

Plastic Halloween Skulls – We found these at the Dollar Tree
Box cutter (you can also just use the scissors)
Couple rocks or something heavy to weigh down the front of the skull
Assorted succulents

Grab your spooky plastic skull heads. You can spray paint them too if you want! We took the most simple route.

skull heads

You can do this a few ways. Again to keep things super simple we decided to just keep the succulents in the pots they came in. You could also plant them directly into the skulls, but since I wasn’t planning on keeping the skulls around all year, I opted for the potted plant option.

Trace the bottom of your pot on a piece of paper and cut it out with scissors.

Place the cut out on top of one of the plastic skulls and trace it.

Cut out about 1/4 larger around your circle.  You can use a box cutter but i almost sliced myself a couple times then switched to scissors for this part on the next one and had much better luck.

Try placing your succulent pot inside.  You want the bottom to fit down but the lip at the top to rest outside of the skull.  You might need to keep widening your circle on the skull to get the whole big enough to fit your plant.

skeleton planter

Add a couple rocks or something with some weight to the inside front section of the skull right near the chin area.  This helps weigh it down and prevent it from tipping over once the plant is set inside.

Water your succulent and let the excess water drip out before adding it into your skull.

halloween skeleton planter

And tada! The super easiest DIY Halloween decoration ever.

skeleton planters

dollar store halloween