DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations

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DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Bat Garland Decoration

Another quick and easy DIY Dollar Tree Halloween decorations.  We turned these felt bats into a fun garland for Halloween.  If you don’t have a sewing machine you can glue them spaced out on a long strand of ribbon. Another alternative to sewing them together would be to punch holes on the tips of each of the wings and connect the bats together using short strands of ribbon in between the bats. I dusted off the sewing machine and used that. For more fun Halloween ideas check out our other DIY decorations, costumes, snacks and more here.

What Supplies You’ll Need

Felt bats – we found ours at the Dollar Tree
Sewing machine
Black thread and black bobbin thread
Black ribbon if you want to add a loop at the end or if you’re not sewing and attaching them together using ribbon

Twelve of these little guys come in a package which gets you pretty far on garland with just one package.

Set up your sewing machine with the black thread and add your first bat.

Sewing The Bat Garland

Sew from the lower side of his wing all the way across to the other side feeding it along through the machine. Once you get to the end of the wing continue sewing past the bat for about 6-10 stitches. Then stop the machine, lift up the foot and add your next bat.

Put the foot down and sew through this bat from wing to wing.

You can add more or less stitches in between the bats depending on how far apart you want them.  Just try to keep it consistent.

You can add a loop of ribbon to the end bat on either end of your garland to more easily hang it if you would like.

Vertical Bat Garland

You can also do these vertically.  If you want to hang them in a door way or from a chandelier. To create this look i would suggest adding a loop of ribbon at the top and start sewing with that.  Place your ribbon loop down, sew through it and keep sewing after for a couple inches then add your first bat. Sew down from the center of the top of the bat all the way to the center of the bottom of the bat.  Leave at least 10 stitches in between where you are sewing with no bat attached then add the next one and continue sewing.  We love to use these little 3m clips to help hang decorations.

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