Bloody Halloween Cupcakes

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How To Make Bloody Cupcakes For Halloween

Bloody Halloween cupcakes are a super easy Halloween party dessert.  You can create these spooky Halloween cupcakes with just a few ingredients.

You can make the cupcakes from scratch, from a box or just purchase pre-made cupcakes from the grocery store or bakery and add the Halloween “bloody” part yourself.  Baking is not one of my strengths ya’ll so I made these from a mix and used store bought white icing to top them off.

If you’re planning on going the pre-made route, I would suggest calling the bakery first since you might need to preorder them, especially if you need a large quantity.  You could do any flavor cupcake really.  We went with a basic yellow cake mix, but chocolate or devils food would be perfect too.

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What You’ll Need For Bloody Cupcakes

  • Cupcakes
  • White/Vanilla Icing (remember that if you are using pre-made and iced cupcakes from the bakery that you’ll need a little extra icing to create the blood splatter if unless you’re using a fruit topping instead)
  • Red Gel Food Dye –  Americolor Super Red  or Wilton Gel Icing Colors but make sure that you get the red color that says “no taste”.  We accidentally purchased the Wilton red gel dye that doesn’t say “no taste” and it left the icing with a very bitter, medicinal taste.  OR you can skip the dye and use something like a raspberry coulis to drizzle on top and create a similar effect.

Once you have your cupcakes all iced you’re ready to start decorating.  There are a few different ways to add the blood splatter decoration on there.

We used red food dye to color some white icing.  We tried using candy melts, but they didn’t splatter very well and when they cooled off the “splattering” didn’t have the right consistency.

I would suggest making a little more or purchasing a little more icing than you expect to need since you’ll need some of it for the splatter decoration.

How To Make The Bloody Icing For Your Cupcakes

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We spread paper towels out on our workspace and placed the cupcakes on a cooling tray so the excess splattering would drip down.

You definitely don’t need the cooling tray, but the paper towels or something to cover your table or counter is pretty necessary since this process gets very messy.

If you’re planning on using the raspberry coulis instead of the dyed icing, now you would carefully drizzle the coulis on top of the cupcakes.

You could place one cupcake down and try splattering it with the coulis but i’m not so sure that would work.  I would guess the drizzled technique would work much better.

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Heat up a about a quarter cup of icing in a heat safe bowl (or however much icing you have left, a few tablespoons goes a long way so don’t worry)

I think we cooked it for less than 30 seconds.  Be careful not to over cook it.  Stir until it’s runny.

Now you’ll add the food dye gel.  Remember a little goes a LONG way.  Add a little of the red dye using a tooth pick and stir.  Continue to add until it’s the desired shade of blood red 🙂

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Get a little bit of the red icing on your fork or spoon and fling it at the cupcakes.  A lot of these were more of a drizzling than a flinging. HAHA. Do a little at a time.  You want enough of the white icing to show through so you get the contrast of the bright red against the white icing.

easy halloween desserts

Carefully place them on a tray or store in an airtight container for your fun Halloween event. We found this fun Halloween serving tray at Walmart for under $3.

I love how the cupcakes look against the dark black tray.  If you’re looking for other simple Halloween dessert ideas, check out our other Halloween dessert ideas like our Spider Web Rice Krispie Treats Happy haunting my friends!

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