Halloween Candle Holders

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DIY Spooky Hand Halloween Candle Holders

I saw some fun spooky hand Halloween candle holders online and thought, hey I could totally make that!

I tried to deep dive the DIY and actually make the hands using plaster and rubber gloves. Ya’ll it was a big mess and it didn’t look good at all. So I found these fake hands online and gave them an upgrade.

halloween fake hands

Supplies For Spooky Hand Halloween Candle Holders

Fake Hands
Sandpaper (not necessary)
craft knife
hot glue gun and glue sticks
small pieces of wood or shadow boxes to use as a base for the hands and easily connect to wall
Fake nails and nail polish
black spray paint
Lace, ribbon or fabric scraps for cuffs
Lightweight battery powered candles
3m Command strips
Spanish moss

Prep Your Fake Hands

I used sandpaper to scuff them up a bit and remove some of the visible plastic seam around the edge.

Then I cut off the extra knob near the wrist with a craft knife.

Add Nails To The Halloween Hand

adding nails to halloween hands

I picked up some fake nails and nail polish from the dollar store.

Use hot glue to add the fake nails to the fingers.

halloween candle holders

Paint the fake nails and let them dry. I did about two coats of nail polish on each.

DIY halloween party decorations

I love these hands with the bright nails. What a difference!

Connecting The Halloween Candle Holder Hand To The Base

I found these little wooden shadow boxes in different shapes for only .99 at Michaels!

Gave them a couple coats of flat black spray paint and let them dry.

Once the shadow boxes were dry, I used hot glue to attach the hands to the shadow box.

These spooky hand Halloween candle holders are starting to come to life.

spooky hand Halloween candle holders

You can dress up the hands with lace and fabric scraps to make cuffs. I found a satin pillowcase at dollar store and spray painted it black.

The lace I found on clearance at Michaels and spray painted some of it to give it a different look.

Hang Up Your Spooky Halloween Candle Holders

Use removable 3m Command strips to attach your spooky hands to the wall at varying heights.  These would look great lining a hallway or in a bathroom.

Add Spanish moss for an extra fun look.  Use lightweight battery powered candles and set them in the palm of the hand. 

These Halloween candle holders will be the talk of the party.

DIY Halloween candle holders

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