How To Decorate A Christmas Wreath

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Decorating A Wreath On A Budget

I purchased this plain simple faux Christmas wreath from the craft store and have big plans for this little guy.  You can find simple faux Christmas wreaths for under $5 each and dress them up with a few supplies to make them look like you paid a whole lot more than a few dollars.

You can add all sorts of different decorations to your wreath to match your decor.  Pinecones, faux berries, holly, tiny figurines, the list goes on and on. Craft stores have a bunch of different wreath picks to choose from or you can make your own DIY faux Christmas wreath.

decorating a faux christmas wreath

What we used to decorate our Christmas wreath…

  • Simple Christmas wreath
  • Fake berries – we found ours in the Christmas floral section of the craft store
  • Pinecones, floral wire and floral or wire clippers to make wreath picks
  • Ribbon or bow (we found our bow at the Dollar Tree)

Fluff The Wreath

First start by adjusting the greenery on your wreath to make it appear more full.

After we finished our first wreath and went to add our large bow we realized that it probably would have been easier to add the large bow first, then add the other wreath picks around the bow.  That will keep you from having to move the picks around after you add the bow. Hindsight ..amiright?

Add The Wreath Decor

You can create your own wreath picks using floral wire.  We painted pinecones and used them to create wreath picks. You can find a tutorial for simple snow covered pinecones here.

pinecone wreath picks

We snipped a piece of floral wire a few inches long.

how to make pinecone wreath picks

Bend the tip of the floral wire into a small hook shape and slide it around one of the petals of the pinecone. Push the hook as far toward the center as you can then run the wire down toward the bottom of the pinecone following the line of petals down.

pinecone wreath picks

Then add the individual picks into the wreath to your wreath wrapping the end of the wire to the center of the wreath to secure them.

how to decorate a christmas wreath

We picked up this faux berry spring from the craft store and snipped sections to use on the wreath.

berries for christmas wreath

Add small sections of the berry sprigs around the wreath.

adding decorations to. a christmas wreath

We spaced most of them in between the pinecones.

adding decorations to christmas. wreath

Take a step back and see if your wreath picks are where you want them to be.

decorating christmas wreath

Adding The Bow

You can make a bow out of ribbon and secure it with floral wire or use one that’s already pre-made. We found some great buffalo plaid ones at the dollar store.

adding bows to wreath

We found this buffalo plaid ribbon at the Dollar Tree.  They also had smaller ones available.  We added a piece of floral wire to the bow and secured it to the wreath.

how to add a bow to. a christmas wreath

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