Snowy Pinecone Picks

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How To Make Snowy Pinecone Picks For Wreaths And Planters

Save money by making your own snowy pinecone picks for wreaths, garland, planters and more. You’ll just need pinecones and a few supplies.

You can use pinecones that you’ve found or ones that you picked up from the store.  I found a bag of pinecones at the dollar store recently.

how to make pinecone picks

Using white paint and a small paintbrush, paint the tips of each of the pinecone petals with white paint.  If you’re using these pinecone picks outdoors, you might want to consider using a white paint that isn’t water-based.

painted pinecone wreath picks

Once the paint has dried, cut strips of about 5 inches of floral wire.  You’ll need longer strips if you have large pinecones and shorter if you’re using smaller pinecones.

making pinecone wreath picks

Wrap one end of the floral wire around the bottom rows of pine cone petals. Wrap in around a couple times then weave the wire down to the bottom of the pinecone.

Take the other end of the floral wire and wrap it around the end of a wooden skewer.

snowy pinecone picks

Secure the wire in place on the wooden skewer with hot glue so it doesn’t move around.

how to make snowy pinecone wreath picks

Once the glue has dried, you’re ready to use them in your decorating! If you need to shorten the skewers then snip off the ends.

If you’re adding the pinecones to thinner garland or wreaths you can skip the skewer portion and just use the floral wire to attach the pinecone.


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