DIY Snow Covered Painted Pinecones

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How To Paint Pinecones To Make Them Look Snowy

We are making snow covered painted pinecones with some of the pinecones we found on our summer hikes up in Maine. My family thought it was hilarious that I would bring bags with me specifically to pick up pinecones along the way.  I wish I had snagged more ya’ll!!

These DIY snow covered pinecones are super simple and perfect to use in your holiday decorating projects.

Painting Supplies

This works with pinecones of all sizes! Round up some pinecones and let’s get started.

Painting Your Pinecones To Look Snow Covered

We used regular white acrylic paint, but if you plan on using your pinecones on outdoor decorations you might want to use outdoor paint.  The outdoor paint will hold up in the elements more.

Set up an area to let the pinecones dry before you get started painting them. You’ll want to work on something that won’t stick to the drying paint. We sat the wet pinecones on paper towels and the pinecones stuck to the paper towels whoops. A trash bag will work perfectly.

painting pinecones

For the larger pinecones, we painted the tips of each of the pinecone petals using our small craft paint brush.

painting pinecones

For the smaller pinecones we tried a few different methods. The small pinecones have thin little petals that were more closed.  On these we painted the whole outside of the pinecone.  When you look down on the top of the pinecone it appears to be sprinkled with snow.

We tried a toothbrush on the smaller pinecones and that worked well, but so did just rolling them in the paint. It did get a little messy so you might want disposable gloves, but the acrylic paint isn’t too difficult to get off your fingers.

painted pinecones

Let The Faux Snow Covered Pinecones Dry

Set aside the pinecones to dry once you’ve painted the tips of each of the pinecone petals.

Now your snow covered pinecones are ready for your holiday decorating and Christmas crafting.

For more pinecone crafts ideas check out our tutorials for Pinecone Christmas Gnome Ornaments and DIY pinecone flowers.

how to paint pinecones



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