DIY Pinecone Gnome Christmas Ornaments

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How To Make Pinecone Gnome Christmas Ornaments

While hiking on our recent trip to Acadia National Park we found these beautiful pinecones all over the ground around the trails.  We filled our pockets and brought some back to the RV to craft with over the next few days.  With only a few different craft supplies, we made these super easy Christmas pinecone gnome ornaments.

Supplies For Pinecone Gnome Ornaments

The size of beads you’ll want to use really depends on the size of your pinecones.  You could also use acorns if you’ve found those too. We found this multipack of wooden beads at the store and the larger beads worked perfectly with our pinecones.

Fire up your gluegun and attach a wooden bead to the top of the pinecone where it would normally connect to the tree.

Be careful if you’re having the kids help. We were using a low temperature glue gun and it still got extremely hot.  You might want to save the hot gluing to the adults.

Cut out a thin strip of felt about 1/4 in thick to use as the scarf.  Glue it to the back of the neck of the gnome and cross it in the front adding a dab of glue to where the two ends cross.

Trim the edges of the scarf and add a little fringe at the end of each side by cutting tiny slits.

For the hat we rounded off the corner of one of the edges of felt and cut a triangle wedge,  Place a small amount of glue in the middle edge of the hat and place it on the front of the “head” leaving enough room for some eyes.

Continue gluing the edge until it is wrapped around the back of the bead head.  Leave the top open so you can add the hanger.

Cut about 5 inches of jute twine or ribbon and glue the two cut ends together twisting them to make a closed loop.  Add additional glue onto the connected loop ends and place it down into the hat.  Press the glue against the inside of the hat to connect the hanger to the felt hat.

Glue the seam shut in the back of the hat.

how to make Christmas pinecone gnome ornaments

Using a fine tip paint pen add two little eyes.  Make sure to let the paint dry before handling or the paint will smear.

diy pinecone crafts

You’re all done! A quick and easy holiday craft that we did from the campsite.  If we can craft this in the woods, you can craft it at home.

pinecone Christmas gnome ornaments diy

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