DIY Easter Centerpiece Using Marshmallow Peeps

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How To Make This Easter Candy Vase Centerpiece

If you’re hosting an upcoming Easter or Spring celebration, we have a quick and easy centerpiece that guarantee to brighten up your table.

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We found all of the supplies at our local Walmart.  You’ll need two different sized vases.  We chose two cylinder vases, one was 6 inches in diameter and the smaller one was 4 inches in diameter.

When you place the smaller one inside of the larger one, there should be about an inch of extra space in between the two.  You’ll need that space to fit your peep bunnies all around the outside of the inner vase.

You can use any spring flowers.  We chose some bright yellow tulips that coordinated well with our peeps.

DIY Peeps Easter Centerpiece

Supplies For Easter Peeps Centerpiece

  • Two different sized vases (the smaller on needs to fit inside of the larger one and have a diameter of approximately 2 inches less than the larger vase)
  • PEEP bunnies in different colors. The number you’ll need really depends on the size of your vase.  Our six inch vase required about 14 PEEPS per layer.
  • Water and Flowers
  • Scissors or garden sheers to trim your flowers

The number of peeps you purchase really depends on the size of your vase.  We purchased three packages of 12 peeps.  The 12 peeps almost made it around the entire 6 inch diameter vase.

We had about a 1-2 peep gap in the back.  If you’re placing the vase somewhere where you won’t notice the gaps or if that doesn’t bother you then don’t sweat it 😉

If you want to make sure you have a full ring of peeps, then i would suggest purchasing two packages of each “layer” of peeps you want to use.

DIY Peeps Easter Centerpiece

Carefully fill your inner vase with water. And make sure that the outside of the vase (sides and bottom) are dry and free of drips.

You’ll want to make sure that your flowers are trimmed to the the height you want them prior to placing them in the center vase.

Pulling the flowers in and out of the water while the peeps are already placed will cause little drips of water to drop on the peeps and make mater spots on them.

Adding The Peeps To The Easter Vase

DIY Peeps Easter Centerpiece

Place the smaller vase filled with water into the center of the larger vase.

Now working a row of 4 bunnies at a time gently slide the peep bunnies down to the bottom around the entire bottom of the vase.  The bunnies stay together nicer if you keep the rows of four together.

DIY Peeps Easter Centerpiece

Face them so they are peering out of the vase 🙂 Hello bunnies!!!

DIY Peeps Easter Centerpiece

Open up your second color layer and gently slide them down in-between the two vases to sit right on top of your first color layer.

Repeat until you’ve reached the top of your vase or you’ve run out of bunnies which ever comes first 🙂

DIY Easter Centerpiece

Dab off the ends of your flowers to make sure that no drips hit your bunnies and carefully place them into the water filled center vase.

DIY Easter Centerpiece

And easy as that you’ve created an adorable Easter centerpiece!  If you’re looking for more Easter inspiration, check out our DIY PEEPS Easter banner and DIY Ombre Easter Egg Wreath.

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    • We didn’t have a problem with ants finding them when we made the display, but we had them inside on a table away from where any ants usually sneak in.

  1. I Would love to try Making this exact arraingment. Could you please tell me the exact size of both vases? It is just so stunning!


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