Dollar Store Easter Jellybean Vase

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How To Make An Easter Jellybean Vase Using Dollar Store Supplies

Create this simple DIY Easter decoration with a few supplies that we picked up from the Dollar Store. This jellybean filled flower vase is perfect for Easter Egg hunts, Easter Brunch, or a fun Spring decoration for your home.

Supplies For Jellybean Flower Vase

  • Round Glass Candle holder – This one is 3.5″ in diameter we picked up at Dollar Tree
  • Glass votive – We had these on hand from another project but you can find them at the dollar store or just about any craft or big box store.
  • Jellybeans – we found these speckled pastel colored ones at the Dollar Tree.  We used two smaller bags to fill this vase.
  • Small piece of double sided tape, sticky dots or even scotch tape to keep the votive holder from shifting while you’re adding the jellybeans
  • Spring flowers – we picked ours up from Trader Joe’s – love their flowers
  • Scissors or pruning sheers to trim flowers

Putting Together The Jellybean Vase

Place a small piece of double sided tape or sticky dot on the bottom of the votive candle holder.  Center it in the middle of the bottom of the bubble vase and press it down so it stays in place when adding the jellybeans.

Open the bag of jellybeans and add them a few at a time in between the two vases.

jellybean easter vase

Fill the jellybeans until they reach slightly below the top edge of the votive candle holder.  Carefully fill the votive candle holder a little more than half way with water. You need to be careful not to get the jellybeans wet.

Add a few of your favorite Spring flowers and you’re all set.

jellybean easter vase

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