Easter Bunny Napkin Decoration

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How To Fold Napkins Into Easter Bunny Ears

This is a quick and simple decoration for your Easter brunch. Our family is not a fancy cloth napkin family so paper napkins it is. These Easter bunny napkin table decorations are a fun way to set the table for your Easter celebration this year.  They come together really quick.

What You’ll Need To Make These Easter Bunny Napkin Decorations

These are a few other supplies that we used in the photos to set the table, but not needed for the Easter bunny napkins.

Folding The Easter Bunny Ear Napkins

Pull out one pink and one white napkin.  Open both up once so they become more of a rectangle.

You want the pink napkin to be a little shorter than the white napkin so fold the side about 3/4 inch. 

I forgot to take a picture of this step but it is helpful to fold the napkins in half lengthwise to create a crease.  Then open back up again.

Using the lengthwise center crease line you just made (not pictured b/c i realized in on bunny number 3)  fold the four corners in.

Put the pink napkin aside and fold your white napkin. 

Fold and crease lengthwise (not pictured but it makes folding those little corners to the center easier). 

Then fold each of the four corners in to that center horizontal crease line.

Flip your pink napkin over so it’s right side up on top of the wrong side up white napkin.

Fold the bottom and top fourth of the napkin in toward the center.

Next, fold those together.

Fold that in half

Next, fill your eggs with candy!

Cut a piece of twine or ribbon about 5 inches long or so. Long enough to easily tie a bow then trim.

Fold your folded ears around the bottom of the plastic easter egg and tie with your twine or ribbon.   Pull open each ear so you can see the cute pink napkin pop through.


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