Simple Easter Egg Centerpiece

How To Make A Simple Plastic Egg Flower Vase Easter Decoration

This is probably the easiest decoration we’ve put together.  With a few supplies and five minutes, you can create this fun Easter decoration for a centerpiece, hostess gift, or to use anywhere around the house that you want a pop of spring color for Easter.

We picked up a package of Plastic Easter Eggs and this 6inch Glass Flower Vase at Walmart the other day.  You’ll need a vase at least 6 inches wide in order to fit the inside “vase” for the flowers.

We placed a tall skinny glass in the center of our vase.  This is where your flowers will go.

Super Simple Easter Egg Centerpiece

Once your glass is in the center of your larger vase, begin placing your plastic eggs around the inside glass.  Fill with the plastic eggs all the way to the top of the vase.

Fill the inside glass with water.  Trim your flowers or spring stems and place them in the center glass.  We used pussy willow branches that we picked up at Trader Joes, but tulips or any spring flowers would work great.

Happy Easter!

Simple Easter Egg Flower Vase