DIY Billie Eilish Halloween Costume

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Remember that time my mom dressed up as a 17 year old pop star? HA!  The poor piano teacher showed up at the door while i was applying the face paint tears.  I think he’s realized it’s just par for the course around here tho.  Typical Wednesday night.  This DIY Halloween costume was inspired by Billie Eilish’s when the party’s over music video.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.  She’s an amazingly talented young artist.  I had a blast putting this costume together, but it would be perfect for your teens, tweens and kiddos too.  You only need a few affordable supplies to pull it off.

  • Black Body Paint – Mehron Makeup Liquid Face and Body Paint you could also use eye shadow and a small wet makeup brush but the color probably wouldn’t be as vivid
  • small makeup brush
  • clear lip gloss
  • Oversized White T-shirt
  • White pants – we found these white sweatpants online. I believe they are in mens sizing.  The medium i bought were a little large.  So size down.
  • Blue wig We ordered this one online in the 60cm length and  “Blue F3” color
  • Silver chain necklaces – double chain lock pendant necklace.  This would also be a good thing to look for in the thrift stores.  She wears a bunch of silver bracelets and silver rings in the video too.  These aren’t necessary, but add a lot of detail to the costume.
  • Gentle wet wipes for face and hands  – or makeup removing wipes – these are perfect for cleaning off your hands, makeup brushes and any mess-ups

Using a small makeup brush start applying the black body paint around the inside of your eyes.  Be careful not to get it in your eye tho.  Draw lines down your cheek, under your chin and down your neck.

This was when the piano teacher rang the doorbell HAHAHA. Let the layer dry and reapply in the places you’d like it to appear more opaque.

Use a wet wipe or makeup remover cloth to remove any mess-ups.

Once the black lines are dry add a layer of clear lip gloss on top of so the lines appear more dewy and look like tears. Pull your hair back and add your wig cap and wig.

DIY Billie Eilish Halloween Costume

Add your oversized white t-shirt, white pants and any silver chain necklaces, bracelets and rings that you have.  She wears a lot of fun chunky rings in the video that would be a fun addition to the costume if you would like to add more detail.  But you definitely still get the look without the rings.

DIY Billie Eilish Halloween Costume

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Happy Halloween… you can call me when the party’s over 😉

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