Skinny Margarita Recipe

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Recipe For A Simple Skinny Margarita

We are sharing our not-so-guilty summer skinny-ish margaritas … or… any time of the year skinny margaritas 🙂 We tested out a bunch of variations of this recipe and have found our favorite. They are super easy to make and if you squeeze the limes in advance they come together really quick. Pairs pretty deliciously with this Fresh Guacamole Recipe.

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Ingredients for Skinny Margaritas 
Ingredients – Serves 2
– 4 oz tequila
– 2 oz Grand Marnier
– 1 oz 100% orange juice
– 2 Tbsp light agave nectar
–  3 oz fresh lime juice – around 4 limes
– 4 oz cold water
– Ice
– Sea Salt to coat the glass rims

Cocktail shaker – you don’t need one, but it looks a lot cooler than using a swizzle stick to mix the drinks.
Citrus juicer – makes it super easy to extract the juice from the lemons and limes

Time To Make The Skinny Margaritas!

Sprinkle sea salt on a small flat plate or cutting board. Rub the rim of the glasses with a slice of lime then press the glass into the salt on the plate until it’s coated with salt. Set glasses aside.

easy margarita recipe
Roll your limes on a cutting board with your palm.  This helps maximize the amount of juice you extract from each lime.

skinny margarita recipe
Squeeze the limes and add the juice into a measuring cup until you have 3 oz. Add the lime juice to your cocktail shaker.

Pop open that tequila of choice, and measure out 4 oz, then add to your cocktail shaker.

Add 2 oz of Grand Marnier to the cocktail shaker.

Grab 4 oz of ice cold water and add it to the mix.

Measure out 1 oz of orange juice and add it to the cocktail shaker.

skinny margaritas
Add 2 Tbsp of light agave syrup to your cocktail shaker.

Fill the shaker with ice cubes and start shaking.

Shake in the cocktail shaker for about 5 seconds then strain the mix out equally into two ice filled glasses.

Enjoy everyone! Cheers!! We tried so many variations of this skinny-ish margarita recipe.

Each night we would try a different variation.  This one was the winner.  Our family and friends have requested we ask for their help in the research department more often. HAHAHA.

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