Hot Toddy recipe

How To Make A Honey Bourbon Hot Toddy

As cooler temperatures roll in we’ve started trading our refreshing summer cocktails for warm comfort drinks. One of our go to recipes is a Honey Bourbon Hot Toddy.  Our recipe has varied over the years, sometimes as simple as boiling water, honey and bourbon. …

What You Need For A Backyard Movie Night

Whether you’re camping, at home in your backyard, poolside or in the neighborhood cul-de-sac, there’s just something about watching a movie under the stars.  Here’s what you need to easily set up an outdoor movie night.


First of all you’ll need a projector.…

Make these refreshing Moscow Mules with just a few simple ingredients.  Make sure to chill both your ginger beer and vodka for at least a few hours so your drinks are extra crisp.  These are perfect to enjoy on a warm Spring or Summer evening, or afternoon we’re not judging.

Ingredients For 1 Moscow Mule
– 2 oz (1/4 cup) vodka
– 1 tbsp fresh lime juice (about half of a lime)
– 4 oz ginger beer (1/2 cup)
– ice

Click on the image for a printable recipe card.…

Simple Paloma Recipe

Move over Margarita, the Paloma might be my new favorite cocktail.  This Paloma recipe is light and refreshing made with freshly squeezed fruit juice and sweetened with a hint of agave nectar.  This is our super simple spin on the traditional Paloma.  Make sure to check out some of our other simple and delicious drink recipes here.…