Best Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages

If you have kids and a beach vacation coming up, you’ll definitely want to check out this list of our top 15 favorite beach toys for kids of all different ages.  These are all things that our kids have loved over the years and have all held their attention for more than a hot second.…

Five Little Pumpkins Printable With Mellowcreme Pumpkins

The five little pumpkins is an autumn classic. Honestly, it’s a year-round favorite in our house BUT we get to share it with others and actually have it be season- appropriate in the fall!  We’ve used this craft for a couple of years now as festival giveaways, preschool party favors, “boo”ing neighbors, and for so many other reasons.  …

Backyard Bucket Ball A DIY Summer Backyard Game

The kids are out for summer and we are in search of different activities to keep them busy on a budget.  Backyard Bucket Ball is a kid friendly DIY summer backyard game that kept our kiddos busy for hours.

Bucket Ball Game Shopping List

6 or 12 large beach buckets (We found these at the dollar store)
large water pool balls (they are roughly baseball size)

To play our dollar store bucket ball, we picked up twelve beach buckets and a couple packs of pool balls at the dollar store.…

DIY Basketball Cookies

These chocolate covered Oreo basketball cookies are a quick and easy snack that are perfect for a fun lunchbox treat, March Madness watch parties and basketball team parties. These are quick, easy, and make a big impact.  Also, no baking, I count that as an instant win!

Start with:
1 Bag of Orange Wilton Candy Melts
1 Bag of Black Wilton Candy Melts
Small Ziplock Bag
1 Family Size Package of Your Favorite Oreos.…