DIY Summer Games Backyard Bucket Ball

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Backyard Bucket Ball A DIY Summer Backyard Game

The kids are out for summer and we are in search of different activities to keep them busy on a budget.  Backyard Bucket Ball is a kid friendly DIY summer backyard game that kept our kiddos busy for hours.

DIY Summer Water Games

Bucket Ball Game Shopping List

6 or 12 large beach buckets (We found these at the dollar store)
large water pool balls (they are roughly baseball size)

To play our dollar store bucket ball, we picked up twelve beach buckets and a couple packs of pool balls at the dollar store.  You can definitely play with less buckets, just make sure you buy an even number.  This allows each team to have the same amount of buckets.  

Summer games for kids backyard bucket ball

We placed six buckets on each side set up like bowling pin style.  Three in the back then two, then one.  Fill each bucket about 1/3 to 1/2 way full with water to keep them in place.   


Kids toss the pool balls toward their buckets trying to toss the pool balls into their buckets.  If they get a ball into one of the buckets, the other team removes that bucket from the lineup. 

The first team to have all of the buckets removed wins.  You can let the younger kids throw from the halfway mark if they’re having a hard time getting the balls into the buckets.

DIY Summer Games

Keep some pool towels handy.  This game tends to get the players wet with the splashing pool balls, but isn’t that summer is all about?

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