Best Beach Toys For Kids

It’s been said many times that vacations with kids often require a second “recovery” vacation when you get back home.  The items below held our kids attention long enough for us grown ups to grab a few moments of relax time as well.  (Obviously, still while providing proper parental supervision at all times) We have compiled a list of our favorite beach toys to pack for kids of all ages.

Best Beach Toys For Babies – Age 4

Our Favorite Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages
Mini baby pool.  They loved filling it up with buckets or using it to wash off shells.  Throw in a few dollar store mermaids or action figures and they were entertained for hours.

Our Favorite Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages
SwimWays Finding Dory Mr. Ray.  They are meant as a pool toy but pair well with the baby pool on the beach too!  The characters are perfectly sized for their little hands and Mr. Ray doubles as a net to catch shells on the shore.

For your little ones that love playdough, this Sand Ice Cream Set set would be perfect!

Our Favorite Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages

This beach dump truck kept my nephew’s attention for hours.  He would push it around in circles on the beach. Then sit and fill it up and dump it up .. over and over and over again.

Best Beach Toys For Ages 4 -7

Surfer Dudes Wave Powered Mini Surfer.  This little toy is amazing.  You toss him into the waves, he catches the next one and surfs all the way back onto the shore.  It kept them busy, AND wore them out from chasing after him.  A perfect combination!

Our Favorite Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages

Wooden Sand Shovels but also available at almost every beach store along the shore.  Honestly, this one could go for every age range, who doesn’t love digging holes on the beach?

Our Favorite Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages

These are perfect for all ages.  Shell collecting bags allow the little ones to carry their own treasures on a walk and keep your pockets a little less sandy.

The Best Beach Toys For Ages 7+

We always see people playing  SpikeBall or Slammo when we’re down on the beach.  It’s a four person game, 2 teams of 2, where you spike the ball down onto the net and the other team has three chances to then spike the ball back down to the net.  It’s really lightweight and portable and you can adjust the level of play and really the rules based on the ages of the kids playing.

Our Favorite Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages

Our kids love to go “fishing” at high tide.  They use their fishing nets like the one pictured above to trap little fish and keep them for a little while to show them off then release them back into the ocean after a little while.   Our Favorite Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages

We absolutely love this catch and release beach aquarium.  The kids have used it almost daily on the beach this summer.

Our Favorite Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages

Boogie Boards – $ a wide range of prices.  We picked some up close to the beach but they can be found almost anywhere!  The oldest kiddos even turned their boogie boards in for surfboards after a few private lessons, but would definitely recommend lessons before trying those full sized boards ?.

Paddle Ball – These Pro Kadima Beach Paddles are perfect for when the surf is rough or the kids are taking a break from swimming, the older kids love playing beach paddle ball.

Our Favorite Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages

LED Light up Glowing Helicopters.  These are super fun after dark as they require a large open space; the beach at night is perfect.  We also added them under the older kids section because they have to know to point them up (not at each other) and let’s be honest, the littles are in bed a long time before dark anyway.

The “Grown Ups” pick (age not disclosed but young at )

Our Favorite Beach Toys For Kids Of All Ages

The Yeti Koozie – to be filled with your favorite beverage 🙂 Happy Beaching!