Dollar Store Skull With Glowing Eyes

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Add Glowing Eyes To Dollar Store Skulls

Another fun illuminating Halloween DIY using dollar store Halloween decorations.  I made these dollar store skulls with glowing eyes.

dollar store halloween skulls

You can keep the skulls like they are and cut out the eyes if you want to skip the painting step.

One thing I would do differently is to cut the eyes out first, then paint the skulls.  This will minimize any damage to the paint.

spray painting dollar store halloween skulls

I wanted a more monochrome finish so I spray painted some with a linen white chalk spray paint and others with a matte black spray paint I had on hand.

dollar store halloween skulls

I ended up doing a couple coats on each of the skulls.  Once the paint has dried (if you didn’t cut them out before painting) cut out an opening in each of the eyes.

add glowing eyes to dollar store skulls

I used the same hot craft knife that I used to make the craft pumpkin doorway display.  It’s basically like an Xacto knife that plugs in and cuts like buttah.

In order to make these dollar store skull with glowing eyeballs you need one very important thing, these LED light up pumpkin eyes.

dollar store glowing eyeballs

Make sure that when you are cutting the holes for the eyes that you slowing increase the size of the hole until you can pop the eyeball into the socket.

Some of the eyes kept falling into the base of the skull while I was adjusting them so I added this escape hatch to the bottom of the skull. Now I can easily retrievve the eyeballs if they fall.

How fun are these creepy eyed skulls?!  The glowing eyes that we found at the dollar store slowly change colors too.

They would be perfect on your Halloween party table with this glowing skeleton drink tub.

       dollar store skulls glowing eyes

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