Color Changing Halloween Drink Bucket

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Light Up Your Halloween Party Drink Bucket

This Light Up Halloween drink bucket project is so simple and yet adds so much fun to your Halloween party decor.   Add submersible color changing led lights to your ice filled drink tub. The lights hide under the ice and gives such a fun and spooky vibe.

LED Halloween Drink Bucket Supplies

light up Halloween drink bucket

I picked up this 35″ skeleton  and large drink tub at Walmart. He fits in the drink tub perfectly.

I originally tried glow sticks to light up the ice, but then remembered that they stop glowing when they get too cold.  Whoops 🙂 I then found these submersible LED color changing lights at Michaels, but there are a bunch of options online too.  These similar submersible led color changing lights would work great.

Place your skeleton down in your drink tub.  Turn on your lights and place a few in the bottom before you add the ice.

halloween drink bucket

Add your ice and beverages then add a few more lights near the top. Look how fun that looks at night!!!

light up halloween drink tub

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