DIY Halloween Stick Tree Centerpiece

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How To Make A Halloween Stick Tree Centerpiece

It might still feel like Summer, but Halloween is just around the corner!  We put together this fun DIY Halloween centerpiece in no time at all and because we’re using sticks instead of flowers, it will last well past Halloween.  Snag some of those broken sticks you have lying around the yard and a few supplies then BOOM you have an affordable, fun and not-so-spooky Halloween decoration.

Supplies For DIY Halloween Stick Tree Centerpiece
– Cardboard or drop-cloth
– Disposable Gloves for spray painting
– Sticks – Snag some thin sticks from the backyard or park of similar size.  If you don’t want to hunt outside for the sticks, we saw some bunches of curly willow branches being sold at Trader Joes that would work perfectly.
– Black Matte Spray Paint – you could use any black spray paint.  We picked this one up at Walmart for less than $4
– Glass Vase – We chose one with a more narrow top and it helped to keep the sticks in place
– Mini Halloween ornaments from Dollar Tree
– Scissors
– Black thread or fishing line to tie the ornaments to attach the ornaments to the branches.  The Dollar Tree ornaments come with precut gold string, but we were able to tie longer loops onto the ornaments with the string.

Gather up a bunch of different sticks and place them down on a drop-cloth or piece of large cardboard.  Collect more sticks than you think you’ll need.  Then you can pick and choose which ones work well together in your vase without having to possibly go find more sticks and spray paint extra ones.

The Dollar Tree had so many different mini ornaments available to choose from.  We snagged these little Halloween ornaments to use.  They also had wooden ornaments to paint, spiders, bats, eyeballs, etc that you could easily tie onto your Halloween branches.

Cut a piece of your black thread and attach it to one of your ornaments by threading it through the top and tying a knot to create a little loop.  We attached all of the thread to our ornaments then began arranging them around on the branches.  We used about two boxes worth of ornaments in our display.

DIY Halloween Decoration

This not-so-spooky DIY Halloween decoration will last all season long.

Halloween party decor

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Happy Halloween!!

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