DIY Fringed Tissue Paper Garland

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How To Make Tissue Paper Garland

We created some fun DIY decorations for a recent shindig and I absolutely love how this easy peasy DIY fringed tissue paper garland turned out.

These would be perfect for any birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower or any occasion that needs a little color.

Supplies For Tissue Paper Garland

  • Tissue paper
  • Stapler
  • Extra staples
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape

Fold The Tissue Paper

Take one piece of tissue paper and fold it in half.

Then fold it in half again.

Staple The Center Of The Tissue Garland

Starting at one end of your tissue paper staple in the center of the tissue. 

Staple along the middle about every two inches.

Fold the tissue paper in half lengthwise along the line of staples.

Fringing The Tissue Garland

Starting at one end of the tissue paper make small perpendicular cuts toward the center fold line to create the fringe.  

Make sure not to cut all the way through to the fold.  If you accidentally cut through you can just join the two pieces together after you fluff them.  

Fringed Tissue Paper Garland

Fluff The Garland

Open back up the fold and carefully separate the tissue fringes with your fingers.   Scrunch a few of them in each section to make them appear more full.

DIY Fringed Tissue Paper Garland

Connect each string of fringed tissue garland by overlapping the next string a little and placing a small piece of scotch tape on each side of the garland. 

These are a little fragile since it is tissue paper.  Make sure you bring scotch tape with you to make any repairs while you’re hanging them.  

Fringed Tissue Paper Garland  

You can also make the garland using a single sheet of tissue paper.  The section on the top was made with three sheets of tissue paper and the section on the bottom was made with only one sheet of tissue.

Fringed Tissue Paper Garland

We used the tissue paper garland around the railings of our event space. It’s a fun and cost-effective to dress up your next party!

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    • Good idea! Try using a very thin string or twine, or possibly fishing line. Slightly angle your staples to trap the string in with the tissue paper and it would probably work great!


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