DIY Streamer Photo Backdrop

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How To Make A Photo Booth Backdrop With Streamers

Whether you have a photo booth or a selfie station for your next event, this super easy streamer photo backdrop is super affordable and easy to create. All you need is some tape, scissors and a few rolls of crepe paper streamers.  We also use this same technique to decorate our kids’ bedroom doors for their birthdays.  They open up their door the next morning to a curtain of birthday streamers.

DIY Photo backdrop with streamers

Supplies For Streamer Backdrop

  • Different colors of streamers
  • Painters Tape or Masking Tape (We used painters tape so we wouldn’t ruin the paint on the wall, but masking tape will work too)
  • Scissors

How To Make A Streamer Backdrop

Make a small tape roll and stick to the wall continue to unroll the tape sticky side out along the desired length of the wall.  You might need to attach a few small tape rolls behind the long line of tape to keep lying flat against the wall.

Cut a strip of crepe paper and place it directly on the sticky side of the tape. Unravel the streamer to the ground.  Cut the second roll of streamer and overlap the second piece of crepe paper.  Continue putting up lines of streamers until you’ve covered the entire line of tape.

photo backdrop with streamers

You can use multiple different colors of streamers.  We used three different colors.

diy birthday decorations streamers

To keep the streamers lined up run an additional line of tape at the bottom and attach the streamers to secure them.

Streamer photo backdrop is all ready to roll. Say cheese!

diy birthday decorations

And for a fun birthday surprise, line the top of the birthday door with tape, sticky side out.  Continue placing lines of streamers to the top of the doorframe until you’ve gone across the entire door frame.

Birthday door complete!

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