Spring Branches From Faux Flowers

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Spring Branches Using Faux Flowers

Second winter is coming, but you are ready for Spring.  We have a super easy way to upgrade these faux Spring branches for your Spring decor. I picked up this bunch of faux flowers, but really want them to look more realistic.  The blooms could pass as real from a distance, but the plasticky branches are a dead giveaway.

Our solution…. add the faux blooms to real branch clippings!

spring branches

Start by clipping some thin branches from your trees.  Extra points if they have buds starting.

Pop or cut off the flower buds from your faux flower stems. You might have to trim off any extra plasticky parts that stick out like the little tubes these flowers had at the bottom.

Set your faux flower buds aside and fire up your hot glue gun.

Add a small dab of hot glue to the bottom of your faux flower bud and attach it to your Spring branches.

spring branches

Add the faux blossoms along the branches where the buds are starting or would be starting.  We only used one bunch of faux flowers to create all of these Spring branches.

Arrange the branches in a vase.  You can add some tissue paper or paper towels to help stabilize the branches in a specific spot if you need to.  Place your vase on your table or mantle and they are ready to display.

spring branches

If you’re looking for green faux branches check out this post for a review of our favorite faux branches.

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