Five Different Faux Branches From Amazon

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Trying To Find Faux Branches That Don’t Look So Faux

I’ve been on the look out for faux branches that add color and texture to our home decor.  Finding a faux branch that doesn’t look faux shouldn’t be too difficult right? I ordered five different ones to review and share my favorite so far.

The Five Fake Branch Contenders

All five of these we snagged from Amazon.  The links to each of the products can be found below.

Branch 1

faux branch

This one I felt had the most real looking branches, but unfortunately all of its leaves were pointing inward and you could only see the bottoms of them.  This made it look less natural to me.

Branch 2

faux branches

The stem has a little bit of sheen to it but you really can’t tell unless you’re up real close.  The leaves have a darker color and the placement and position of them looked pretty natural to me.  This was the one we ultimately chose!

Branch 3

This was definitely my least favorite of all of the faux branches. The branches and stems looked extremely plasticky and fake.

Branch 4

I liked the look of this option, but when I tried to move the branches around too much it started to break. One of the smaller branches tore easily from where it was connected.  Other than that it was another good option.

Branch 5

The branches and leaves on this one looked really convincing to me.  I do wish that there were a few more leaves on these, but overall this was a great option.  This was our runner up option.  Option 2 had a tiny bit richer color on them so we ultimately went with that, but these were a close second.

faux branches home decor


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