DIY Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Banner

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How To Make A Simple Valentine’s Day Banner Using Dollar Store Felt Hearts

I found these packs of felt hearts at the dollar store and thought they were perfect to use for a quick budget friendly Valentine’s Day banner for our mantel.  You only need a couple of supplies and a few minutes to make this easy Valentine’s Day decoration.  Each package contains eight felt hearts.  Our package had three pink, three red and two white. I’m assuming all of the packs are the same. 🙂

dollar store valentines day banner

Supplies for Dollar Store Felt Heart Banner

3/8″ ribbon
– A few packs of the felt hearts from the Dollar Tree. (how many packs of 8 really depends on how long you want your banner to be)
– Pair of scissors

Figure out what pattern you’d like to use for your banner.  Start weaving your ribbon from the front of the heart to the back.  Run the ribbon across the back of the heart and bring it back out the front on the other side of the heart then add your next color and continue.

I kept our ribbon attached to the spool and kept unrolling more ribbon and sliding the hearts down the ribbon to make room for the next one.

Once I added enough hearts to make the banner long enough to stretch across the mantel, I left enough ribbon on each end to attach it to the mantle.  You can always cut off any extra ribbon.

Attach your banner to your mantel, bookshelf, doorway or wherever you’d like to add a little Valentine’s Day flair.

Dollar Store Valentine's Banner

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