DIY Dollar Store Heart Wreath

DIY Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath Decoration

There are so many great Valentine crafts at the Dollar Tree right now! During our last trip, we picked up a few supplies to make this super quick and easy foam rose heart wreath.  We made this wreath for only $7 in materials! I can honestly say that this is one of the quickest, easiest DIY wreaths that I’ve made. It really turned out well. So run over to the Dollar Tree quick fast now and snag the supplies so you can create this budget friendly Valentine’s Day decoration.

dollar store rose wreath

Supplies For DIY Dollar Store Rose Heart Wreath

Dollar Store Valentine's Day Wreath

I used 6 packages of the light pink foam faux roses.  Each package contains 6 individual rose heads.  Our Dollar Tree store had the roses in red, white, bubblegum pink and light pink.  Some people are having a difficult time finding these foam roses. The foam roses are available online, but they are currently being sold in assorted colors by the case.  So if you want a monochromatic look, you’ll need to find them in the store probably. These Dollar Tree 5 stem roses were available online and might be a good substitute for the foam roses.

Fire up your hot glue gun and add hot glue around the edge of the bottom of one of your foam roses. Press it onto the wire frame.  Continue adding roses around the wreath frame until all space has been filled.

dollar store valentine wreath

Fill in any small remaining gaps by adding a dab of hot glue onto the side of one of the petals and glue it to a petal on the rose next to it to fill the void.

If you are adding a backing to the wreath, cut strips of felt the same width as the wreath.  Add hot glue to the felt strips and press onto the back of the wire frame.

Add ribbon to the back of the wire frame tot hang up the wreath.  Hang it up and enjoy.

valentine's day hear wreath valentine's day mantle

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