Bloody Halloween Candles

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How To Make Bloody Halloween Candles

You can make cheap battery powered pillar candles spooky by adding some faux blood. These bloody Halloween candles are so simple to make.  The best way we’ve found to add faux blood to battery powered candles is with ….. bright red nail polish!

Keep in mind this technique was used on battery powered candles.  I wouldn’t recommend covering real candles that you plan on burning in nail polish.

I found these battery powered candles at the never-a-dollar spot at Target. You can find similar ones at the dollar store, Walmart or online as well. The hot red nail polish I picked up at the dollar store.  I used the same one for the spooky hand candle holders project.

bloody candles

If you’re covering multiple pillar candles would pick up a few bottles of the nail polish.  It’s so much easier to work with when you can get a lot on your brush.

The glossy, sticky texture of the nail polish did a great job mimicking blood.

faux bloody candles

Our candles had raised monochromatic drips on them already and we painted on top of those.

If your candles are flat I would load up your nail polish brush and let it drip down on its own from the top of the candle. I almost think that technique would look even better!

These bloody Halloween candles were seriously the most simple Halloween DIY I’ve done.  It added color and dimension to normal pillar candles and would look great incorporated into your spooky Halloween decor.  You can use them on your on your mantle, party buffet table or to help add spooky lighting to a bathroom or hallway.

bloody halloween candles

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