DIY Pinecone Flowers

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How To Make Pinecone Flowers

Learn how to create these easy DIY pinecone flowers to add to your fall and winter decor.  All you need is a few supplies most of which you can probably find around your house.  We found these gorgeous pinecones on a hike this summer.

What You’ll Need For DIY Pinecone Flowers

diy pinecone flowers

How To Cut The Pinecones Flowers

Using your pruning shears, snip the pinecone in half.  We are going to use the bottom half to create the pinecone flower.

diy pinecone flowers

Trim off the broken “petals” until you get an even top.

diy pinecone flowers

Using your tin snips or scissors start trimming the center of the flower to cut off any extra petal pieces that might have broken in half. 

We broke up the center of the DIY pinecone flower to create thin pieces that look similar to the center of a real flower.

diy pinecone flowersdiy pinecone flowers

We used the pruning shears to trim off the bottom of the flower to make it more flat.  The technique works for any size pinecone. Use your DIY pinecone flowers in a fall centerpiece or in your fall craft projects.

diy pinecone flowers

We added them to a fall wreath, but they look great on display in a shadow box or in amongst other pinecones on display.

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