DIY Daisy Chain Necklace

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How To Make A DIY Beaded Daisy Chain Necklace

These DIY beaded daisy chain necklaces have been popping up at stores everywhere, but you can easily make your own at home.  These are a great summer craft for kids, teens and adults.  Whether you’re on vacation or summer staycation this step by step tutorial will walk you through each step.

What You’ll Need For Daisy Chain Necklace

Size 8/0 seed beads in 3 colors (1 color for spacer beads, 1 color for petal beads and 1 color for center bead) check out this kit with some of the supplies included!
Beading thread 
Big eye beading needle
Jewelry clasps  (i used a lobster clasp and a connection tag)
Pair of scissors
Choose your bead colors and pattern.  You’ll need one color for the spacer beads, another for the petal beads and a third for the bead in the center of the flowers. 

I used blue spacer beads and chose to have the flowers farther apart using 7 spacer beads in between each flower. If you want more flowers on your necklace, use less spacer beads in between flowers. I chose white beads for the petal beads and yellow for the center of each flower. 

Cut The Thread And Add Clasp

Cut about 4-5 feet of beading thread.  

Thread your needle and add the lobster clasp to the end of the thread.

Secure the lobster clasp with a knot to the end of the thread. 

daisy chain necklace

Daisy chain necklace

Trim the extra thread off your knot.

Add Spacer Beads

Next add your spacer beads to the necklace.  I added 7.

daisy chain necklace

Add Petal Beads

Add 4 of your petal color beads and 1 of your center bead.

diy daisy chain necklace

how to make a daisy chain necklace

Finish The Flower

Now let’s make that flower! Take your beading needle back through the first petal color bead.

Pull the needle through and the beads will start to loop around.

diy daisy chain necklace summer craft

Add three more petal color beads. 

beaded flower necklace

Thread the beading needle back through the last petal bead right next to the center bead. 

You might have to tug the beading thread a little and work the beads to get the flower to sit tightly next to the spacer beads.

daisy chain necklace craft

Repeat To Make Daisy Chain

Now add 7 more of your spacer beads. 

Add 4 more petal beads and one center bead.

Push those beads all the way down to the spacer beads. Thread the beading needle through the first the first petal bead in that set and pull the thread through. 

Add three more petal beads.

  Run the beading needle back through the petal bead right next to the center bead.


Pull the beading thread tight

Continue with the pattern until the necklace is the correct length. 

how to make a daisy chain necklace

Ending The Necklace

Add the connection tag at the end. Push it all the way next to the last bead and secure it with a knot. 

All done!! 

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