Seed Bead Safety Pin Charms

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How To Make DIY Seed Bead Safety Pin Charms

These seed bead safety pin charms are a throwback 80s craft that donned sneakers and backpacks for years. In school I made them for friends and handed them out as friendship pins. You and can easily find the supplies online or at your local craft store and spend a fun afternoon beading away.

Seed Bead Safety Pin Charm Supplies

Coiless Safety Pins
Coiled Safety Pins
3mm (8/0) Seed Beads

seed bead safety pin charms

Fill your coiled safety pins with a variety of seed beads. You can make a different pattern on each pin or fill each pin with a solid color.  Get creative.

seed bead safety pin charms

My 8 year old and I came up with different color combinations.  She was very particular about her color choice. Make sure that you leave enough room to close the pin head. You might need to pop off a few beads if it won’t close.

We were able to fit about ten different coiled pins onto our non coiled pin, but this can and will vary depending on the size of safety pins you choose.

Add you coiled pins onto the coiless pin and secure your pin on your backpack, purse, beach bag etc.

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how to make seed bead safety pin charms

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